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Introducing - Margin Trading Facility

Posted on 02-Aug-2017 Comments  0

We would like to bring to your kind notice that SEBI vied its circular dated September, 26, 2016 and June 22, 2017 restricted the trading members to grant further exposure to the clients when debit balances arise out of client’s failure to pay the required amount and such debit balances continues beyond the fifth trading day,(T+2+5 =7) as reckoned from the date of pay-in (debit balances beyond 7 days from the first purchase date).  The new guidelines are effective from 1st August 2017.

In view of the changes in regulations, and to continue the client funding, we are offering a separate product, Margin Trading Facility (MTF) to all our existing and new clients, who wish to avail the funding facility with the collaterals (cash / securities ) and extend the funding beyond 7 days.  

Existing clients of Tradeplus having Demat account can convert their existing account for MTF on the following grounds:

  • if they intend to do all trades only in Cash segment through Funding and

  • if they don’t intend to trade in F&O and Currency segments  

Else they should open an additional Trading Account for the purpose of MTF. Such clients will be allotted two UCCs, one for normal trading in all segments and products and another account for exclusive trading in cash segment (only NRML product) through MTF.

Documents to be signed for availing MTF


Documents to be signed

Existing client who wants to convert existing account for MTF

MTF agreement/ Terms & Conditions


Collateral request form (optional)

Existing client having Demat A/c who wants to open a separate account for MTF

MTF agreement/ Terms & Conditions


Collateral request form (optional)

Trading Account application (new)

New Client who wants to open a MTF A/c

MTF agreement/ Terms & Conditions


collateral request form (optional)

Trading and Demat Account application

Check the links below to know more about MTF:


List of stocks funded under MTF

List of stocks accepted as Collateral



To avail MTF

Call: 04439189483 / 04439189484




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