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Weekly Market Updates

Posted on 06-May-2017 Comments  1

Big News

The US Fed, not surprisingly, decided to hold on to rates in its Fed May meet. However, the Fed has clarified that this is only a temporary pause and the trajectory of rates remains upwards. The Fed has also clarified that they are on target to implement two more rate hikes during this year taking the overall Fed rate to the level of 125-150 basis points by the end of 2017. However, there are 3 factors that may impact future rate trajectory from here on…

How inflation shapes up…

The way inflation shapes up in the coming months could be a key criterion for any rate decision. As it stands, the rate of inflation excluding food and oil (non-core inflation) was much closer to the targeted 2%mark. That makes a strong case for further rate hikes by the US Fed.However, things may be getting into a state of flux. If oil and commodity prices start moving down, as is evident in the last few weeks, then the overall impact may be to depress down stream inflation. With the US not relenting on shale supply, the price of Brent crude has fallen below $50/bbl despite the supply quotas imposed by the OPEC. That is an indicator that crude oil prices could fall further from these levels. Commodities are another X-factor for US downstream inflation. Commodities like iron ore, zinc and copper have already corrected sharply on China growth worries. That may keep prices subdued and induce lower inflation.

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Market Capsule

Highlights of the Week (May 01 – May 05) and Impact Analysis

Major News Item

Impact Analysis

  • Maruti announced stellar auto numbers for themonth of April 2017

  • The 19.5% jump insales was the best seen by Maruti in the last few months in terms of monthly growth

  • Interestingly,while the growth came from mid-sized and utility vehicles, entry level cars also saw smart spurt in sales

  • Core sector growth for March came in at 5% versus 1% for February

  • The sharp spurt incore sector growth was largely led by steel and electricity with the help of favourable policy

  • Cement continues to show negative growth even as refining and fertilizers have lagged during the month

  • PMI Manufacturing is flat even as PMI services disappoints

  • PMI Manufacturing at 52.5 was clearly indicative of a pick-up in order flow and increation of jobs

  • PMI Services was at around the cut-off 50 mark raising concerns that the lageffect of demonetization was still on

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Posted on 2/17/2017 9:40:13 PM

please post a detail analysis on Tyre industries in India.




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