What is a Demat account? Demat account concepts & processes, everything you need to know:

Demat is the shortened version of dematerialized accounts and was first introduced in India in 1996 by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). A Demat account allows an investor or traders to perform electronic trading of shares, Government bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and other securities. Previously, stocks and securities were only available and exchanged as physical

Daily Market Highlights JUN 15

Previous Day Market Sensex closed at 52,551.53 up by 76.77 points Nifty closed at 15,811.85 up by 12.50 points Inflation came in aggressively higher than most estimates and nearly 200 basis points higher than the April number at 6.3%. Even WPI inflation came in sharply higher at 12.94%, largely spurred by fuel and edible oils.