Be an expert in becoming your own stock analyst.

Be%20an%20expert%20in%20becoming%20your%20own%20stock%20analyst. Be an expert in becoming your own stock analyst.

Make your own stock selection model – Use Screeners that our Partner, Markets Mojo provides

Is your question ‘Can I make my own formula to select stocks?’ The Answer is ‘Yes’

1. Simple Screener- Mojo Logic Screener

We have made life very easy for you here. All the winning formulas we already use to calculate Quality, Valuation, Financial Trend and Technicals are here for you to filter. Choose the best of what you want along with market cap and industry and you are set. The chances of you going wrong are less here as you are only filtering on our proven parameters

2. Expert Screener- Mojo Expert Screener

If you are an expert then this screener may appeal to you the best. Along with our already established parameters of Quality, Valuation, Financial Trend and Technicals you can add hundreds of your own parameters to make your list of stocks. Every possible financial parameter and ratio is available for you to choose from

3. Readymade Screens- Investment Ideas

We have made 18 readymade Investment Idea Screens that you can track. This is for every possible investor right from turnaround companies to high dividend paying ones. In these 18 screens you can further top up with more of your formulas if you like

4. Tracking of your unlimited screens and auto updates

You can store multiple unlimited screens and name them. You can track them real time and we will update these screens real time with new stocks that come in and move out

We are offering a special discounted rate to you as our TradePlus customers, which is not available to other users.

To see your investments grow over long term is our ONLY single objective.

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What all can you do with Screeners?

1. There are 3 screeners you can choose from- Simple, Expert and  Readymade 18 screens
2. You can store and save unlimited multiple screens after choosing your own parameters
3. These screens are real time updated for performance and any change in list with old stocks moving out and new ones coming in
4. You can also save your screen to watchlist to track your stocks real time
5. You also have the ability of adding your screen to your portfolio
6. Research reports and result update will be sent on all your stocks that are appearing in the screen

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“I have used a lot of products like Screener, Moneycontrol etc. But the screener at Marketsmojo is simple the best. My personal favorite is Mojo Logic Screener where I can filter on their parameters.” – Mahesh Murti

How to Avail this Service?

Markets Mojo is integrated in both Rocket and ITS Trading Platform. To get a quick glance on the Rocket App, just tap on any stock and choose analyse. To get details form Infini App just tap on a stock and move down.

This is how you see it from your ITS (Infini Trading Platform). Log in and select any stock on which you would like to get the details. Hover your mouse on the stock and click on to the three dotted option and select Fundamental / Technical / News as seen in the below given image

1 5 Be an expert in becoming your own stock analyst.

A widget will open as seen in the above image. Any option that you select except Buy, Sell and Close will take you to Markets Mojo page from where you may choose the option you would like to.

Remember, to you as our Valued Customer, there are special discounts which is not available otherwise. To ensure that you get these discounts, you will have to necessarily navigate to Markets Mojo from Infini Trading Software (ITS) or from the links that we provide in our emails.

More interesting services are packed for you and check here to know them. Choose the one that best suits you and see a world of difference in your portfolio

Start a Happy Investing Journey NOW!

infini Be an expert in becoming your own stock analyst.
m Be an expert in becoming your own stock analyst.

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