Create and Manage a Winning Model Portfolio

Create and Manage a Winning Model Portfolio Create and Manage a Winning Model Portfolio

When you just want to decide the amount and want us to do the rest! Our Partner Markets Mojo, does the job for you!

10-15 Stocks- Model Portfolios

Why is Stock Score so special and important?

1. Choice of 3 auto advised Model Portfolios

Its simple! Just decide the amount, decide whether you want a conservative, moderate or aggressive portfolio and hit the button go! We will create the portfolio of our strongest stocks with how much to buy for each stock depending on the amount you want to invest. You have to just follow our advice and buy it.

2. Best of stocks and best of portfolio theory

We make a well balanced portfolio for you with single stock limit, sector limits and market cap limits. Underlying stocks are chosen from our top 1% stocks after it goes through the final test of our Investment Committee. This is the best strategy for investors who don’t have time to monitor their portfolio and want to limit their decision to only the amount they want to invest.

3. 24/7 monitoring of your stocks and portfolio

We monitor your stocks and portfolio construct both real time. We will advise you on which stock to sell with quantity along with which one to then buy with the quantity. You have to just keep executing it in your Trading Terminal

4. Monthly detailed review of your portfolio

On a monthly basis you would receive an Investment Commentary along with portfolio actions done for the month. You would be able to see summary of all actions done on your portfolio.

5. Real time tracking of your portfolio

This is available the minute you create your portfolio in the Model Portfolio Section. Thereafter, you can track the performance real time whenever you feel so.

We are offering a special  discounted rate to our clients, which is not available to others. To see your investments grow over long term is our ONLY single objective.

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What all can you do with Model Portfolio?

1. Decide your amount and choose your profile and we will immediately create the portfolio which you can execute by placing an order. Remember you can choose from multiple portfolios.
2. This portfolio is monitored real time on the same section and you can also store this in your portfolio section
3. On a regular basis you will get individual stock wise sell and buy mail with quantities. You will also get a detailed research report to justify our hypothesis. You have to keep executing the trades.
4. You can add more money to your portfolio at any time in case you want to invest more. Click here to know about our other services

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How to Avail this Service?

Markets Mojo is integrated in both Rocket and ITS Trading Platform. To get a quick glance on the Rocket App, just tap on any stock and choose analyse. To get details form Infini App just tap on a stock and move down.

This is how you see it from your ITS (Infini Trading Platform). Log in and select any stock on which you would like to get the details. Hover your mouse on the stock and click on to the three dotted option and select Fundamental / Technical / News as seen in the below given image

1 5 Create and Manage a Winning Model Portfolio

A widget will open as seen in the above image. Any option that you select except Buy, Sell and Close will take you to Markets Mojo page from where you may choose the option you would like to.

Remember, to you as our Valued Customer, there are special discounts available on all products. To ensure that you get these discounts, you will have to necessarily navigate to Markets Mojo from ITS, the Trading Software or from the links that we provide in our emails.

More interesting services are packed for you and check here to know them. Choose the one that best suits you and see a world of difference in your portfolio

Start a Happy Investing Journey NOW!

infini Create and Manage a Winning Model Portfolio
m Create and Manage a Winning Model Portfolio

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