Good News to Clients using our funding products – MTF and NRML!

%name Good News to Clients using our funding products   MTF and NRML!

In the first month of this financial year 2021-22, we come to you, with 2 good news. These, we are sure would empower your trades even more. Without making much intro on this, let’s straight away check what these are

  • Place an online pledge request to add collateral.
  • You may now avail a maximum funding up to 83 lakhs which was 73 lakhs earlier

Watch Video to know how to make. To watch in You Tube click here


There are two types of funding that we provide. Margin Pledge Funding  and  Margin Trade Funding. Value of Stocks pledged Under Margin pledge funding can be used to fund derivatives position (except the MtoM losses which needs to be settled on a daily basis) as well as short term equity cash trades. Equity Cash stocks bought using Margin pledge funding can be held for a maximum of 6 days and needs to be settled on or before the 7 day. Here, you may take a flat funding of 50% based on your cash or stocks pledged for funding. To be precise, if you have cash or stocks pledged for Rupees 50000 (the collateral value), you may take positions for a maximum of 1 lakh for next 6 days. The funded amount of 50000 will have to be settled or the funded stocks needs to be sold on or before the 7th day. This is widely called T+2+5 day funding. This is available to buy a specific set of stocks and not for all stocks. If you use Infini platform for trading, just use NRML Product Code to avail funding. If you use, Rocket, orders on stocks those are eligible for funding will automatically consume only 50% of the margin required at the time of placing order.

 Margin Trade Funding (MTF) or Buy Today Pay Later

This is where you may buy stocks and hold them for a maximum of 365 days i.e a year. This product has overwhelming response from our clients especially from our NRI customers. Do note that we are probably the only broker to provide SEBI approved MTF facility to NRI clients. Know more about our NRI offerings here . This product covers a larger basket of stocks unlike normal funding. 

Points to note while pledging stocks online

  • All online pledge requests are to be made before 5 pm
  • As a process, a SMS and email will be sent from NSDL with a link to accept pledge. In case, you do not receive it, you may use this common link to accept pledge Click here 
  • All pledge requests are to be confirmed before 8 pm on the same day.
  • Pledge requests of clients who are enabled for MTF segment will only be accepted.
  • Requests made beyond 5 pm are not valid and will be removed at the end of the day
  • Requests made on Saturdays and Sunday will be not be accepted

We have taken these efforts to ease the trading process to our end users and we truly believe that these would help you have a pleasant trading experience with us.

In case of queries, do write to us at [email protected]

Happy Trading

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