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Introducing the New ‘Rocket Plus’ Trading Platform

Presenting the “Rocket Plus” – Reliable Web & Mobile Trading Platform

Tradeplus is happy to introduce the New Trading Platform

RocketPlus is a pre-installed version that supports a variety of marketplaces and asset classes. The account, position management, and risk monitoring are all at your fingertips with its comprehensive order management system. 

Rocket Plus Mobile

You can now experience the financial market at your fingertips anytime, anywhere!

Rocketplus Mobile trader lets retail traders and investors quickly and easily access the financial markets and perform trading operations in favourable conditions. View market prices, analytics, research information and executes trades with ease and speed from your Android or iOS mobile device.
With Rocketplus Mobile Trader, you can never miss good trading and investment opportunities while you on move.

Rocket Plus Web

Online trading platform for quick and easy access to financial markets!

Rocketplus web trader is an HTML5 based advanced trading platform accessible from any computer with an internet connection. It is fully customizable according to your personal preferences and provides a fast, powerful, and simple-to-use tool that comes with all the features and functionalities found in a conventional download trading platform.

Rocketplus EXE

Perfect for Active Trader to optimize your Trading efficiency!

Rocket Plus Exe is an advanced trading front-end interface for professional traders and broker-dealers that offers reliable, feature-rich, and fast trading terminals for scanning opportunities and efficiently executing them.

Rocket Plus has the following enhanced trading features :

1. Options Chain with Payoff diagram and margin requirement calculation – This enables you to know the margin required and the profit or loss your strategy would bring in before you place an order

2. Good Till Trade – This was one of the most required features and here it is. You need not keep repeating an order on a daily basis for it to be executed at a particular price. Just place it under GTT where it will stay in the system till it gets executed.

3. Margin Calculator – Get to know the required margin before you place an order at a click

4. Trading from Price Ladder –  If you are a scalper this is the best way tool to trade. Use the Price Ladder to catch the minor movements in price

5. Multi-leg option strategy orders (up to 6 legs) in a single order form

6. Basket Order – You can now place multiple orders at a time

7. Spread Order – With a collection of different orders (legs) that act together, you may now establish a single trading strategy.

8. Market Statistics sector performance and News

We also provide Market news and statistics for easy updates.

9. Simultaneous Login Facility

There is an option to log in simultaneously to Web and mobile platforms.

10. Save Chart

You can now easily place an order through Chart

Bonus features in the RocketPlus Web

  • 1. One go Square OFF All in positions tab
  • 2. View and download Order logs and Trade logs for the past 3 days
  • 3. Enable/Disable the order confirmation and segment configuration
  • 4. Customization of the Font size and themes
  • 5. Short cut keys available for ease of trading

Click Here to take a look at the Demo Video to know more.

This is not all. There’s more in-store such as Algo trades, Client level API which is coming soon.

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