Let the light shine on your investment this diwali

d Let the light shine on your investment this diwali

Have you ever wondered why Diwali is called the Festival of lights? One reason is that it symbolizes the victory of good over evil and it is believed that evil is something that always lurks in the darkness. Secondly, Diwali also symbolizes a move from the darkness of ignorance and half-knowledge to the light of wisdom. Finally, the lights of Diwali also symbolize hope. A hope that tomorrow will be better than today and we all make a new start in the New Year.

In a way, Diwali is the story of your portfolio too?

This move from darkness to light and from half-knowledge to complete knowledge is something most of us need to do with our investments too. Quite often our investments decisions are bad, not because the analysis is bad, but because we caught up with the conditioning of the past. This impels us to make wrong investment decisions. This Diwali is the time to look at your investments again from futuristic perspective.

Like the message of hope in Diwali, your investments also carry a message of hope that the coming year will be much better than the last year. Let us see how to go about it this Diwali.

How about investing in foreign markets?

If you thought that investing in foreign markets is very complex and only meant for investors with wads of money, think again. It is now possible to invest in foreign markets with a small investment and at a very economical cost. Yes, you can actually participate in the growth of Apple, Google and Facebook.

In the last 5 years, global funds and global assets have done much better than a pure India investment. Now that facility is available to you at the press of a button on your Tradeplus page itself. You must be aware that you can invest international by just logging into https://global.tradeplusonline.com/ and start investing abroad. This Diwali, give a positive twist to your investments with a global favour.

There is nothing like objective and quality research

Gone are the days when you could invest in the Indian markets with the help of SMS tips or WhatsApp shared ideas. That is not going to work any longer. Even if it appears to work, the risk of making losses is just too high. A better option is to rely on objective and focused research to zero in on good investment ideas.

Now you don’t need to exert yourself too much about where and how to get this research. We are making it available as part of your trading platform in association with Markets Mojo. The good thing is that the research has a modern twist to it and also combines research with market behaviour and artificial intelligence. That is surely a much better recipe. Check here and sign in for your free research trial period

Trade any asset and create calls yourself

One of the rules you must keep in mind is that when you trade it is best to trade on your own and make your own decisions. That is why trading is a specialized game but the good news is that it is possible to do it yourself with the right tools. But what are the right tools?

One way you can get the right tools to trade yourself is to use Tradesenze where the trading tool helps you to get Intraday and Weekly positional trading ideas across equities, future, options and commodities and a lot more. The possibilities are endless. Do not follow without proof. Check the videos here for the past performance and subscribe for it here ONLY IF YOU ARE CONVINCED. The message for you this Diwali is to do it yourself and do it in an organized way.

As homes are painted with bright colours, it is also time to take a new look at the way you invest and trade in the markets. Here we have this day thrown light to you on areas which were once dark, International InvestmentProfessional Research Service and Intraday Trading Tool with its history. Like the light of knowledge, give your trades and investments the light of a more organized and methodical approach. As you light your home, here are we hoping that your portfolio shines bright in the coming years too and we can continue to help you achieve this.

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