Invest In Mutual Funds In Just 2 Steps & Earn Extra 1% Return Per Year

Do You Know That You Can Invest In Mutual Funds Through Us In Just 2 Steps And Earn Approximately Extra 1% Return Per Year?

Consolidate All Your Financial Investments Under Your Trading & Demat Account

Indian Mutual Funds have currently about 2.05 crore (20.5 million) SIP accounts through which investors regularly invest in Indian Mutual Fund schemes.

SIP has been gaining popularity among Indian MF investors, as it helps in Rupee Cost Averaging and also in investing in a disciplined manner without worrying about market volatility and timing the market.

Also, at a time when the markets were worried about the impact of LTCG on the equity fund flows,  AMFI data for February shows otherwise. During the month of February, equity funds and ELSS schemes saw a net inflow of Rs.16,300 crore with more than 50% of these flows coming through the SIP route. This is despite the Nifty falling by over 5% in February. There is therefore, no worries among the retail investors in MF about the impact of LTCG.

In amendment in the Union Budget 2018, to impose a 10% tax on LTCG on equities and equity funds if it exceeded Rs.1 lakh in a fiscal year should have been a negative for the markets. After all, we are talking about a 10% flat tax without the benefit of indexation. That will surely reduce the net cash flows in the hands of the equity fund investors. But despite that flows into equity funds are at a 3-month high. In fact, if one looks at the Apr-Feb data, it is a big thumbs-up for equity funds. Total inflows into equity funds have been to the tune of Rs.164,000 crore during this 11 month period with SIPs accounting for over 40% of these inflows.

This shows the tremendous increase in retail participation in MF investments. Having said this, developed markets are far ahead of us and we have a long way to go.

We at Tradeplus, would therefore, like to bring the benefits and ease of MF investments literally at the tip of your hand. To help you invest with ease, we have now re-launched our Online Mutual fund platform with huge savings for you. INFINI MF DIRECT is a unique online and Mobile enabled platform to invest in Mutual fund exclusively available for NRIs in DIRECT mode. Did you know that when you invest in DIRECT mode you can earn almost 1% extra return per year. We have designed the MF DIRECT platform keeping the needs of NRIs like you in mind with features like Flexi SIP and Conditional orders.

Not all MF schemes are available for NRI investment. Click here to know the list of MFs that you can transact online depending on your country of domicile. You may invest in NRE or in NRO mode. Watch to know other easy investment options specially available for NRIs investing in NRO mode.

2 quick steps to Invest.
1) First transfer the funds from your NRO account to your ledger account with Tradeplus. Click Here to know how you can do this.
2)  Select the available scheme and place the MF order.

Watch our Video Explainer to know all the features of our INFINI Direct platform.

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