SIP is gaining popularity among investors recently.  SIP is an investment plan wherein one could invest a fixed amount in a mutual fund scheme periodically at regular intervals (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).  It is just like a recurring deposit where you deposit a fixed amount every month.   The SIP installment amount could be as small as Rs 500 per month.  The earlier it is started, more time will be there for the investment to grow.  Regular investment for long-term will yield compounded returns on your investment.

Direct Mutual Funds Investment SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN (SIP)

Benefits of SIP

  • Disciplined approach
  • SIP helps investors to follow a disciplined way of savings to achieve more rewarding investment goals.
  • Rupee-Cost Averaging
  • SIP is the best way to average the cost of investment over a period of time.   SIP is the best way to invest in a volatile market, where the investor can buy more units at the lesser price when the market is down, which will help in rupee-cost averaging.
  • Flexibility
  • In a SIP Investors have the flexibility to discontinue the plan at any time. One can also increase/ decrease the amount being invested.
  • Hassle-free
  • Investors need not worry about the swings in the market and are free from the concerns of timing the market.

SIP investment through INFINI MF

INFINI MF is a portal provided by where you can invest in mutual funds ANYTIME ANYWHERE.  You need not wait for the market to open.

Investing in a mutual fund is made through a paperless transaction and it can also be done through the mobile app. It provides an opportunity to place SIP orders, conditional orders both NAV wise and date wise, which is not possible in the conventional mode of investment i.e., by filling up the application form and submitting it to fund house or a distributor.

You can also view the top performing mutual funds listed in the portal.


INFINI MF is our fresh new Mutual Fund Platform that enables you to invest in direct and regular Mutual funds.

SIP in INFINI MF has to be started by making an initial investment ie., the first SIP amount and then choose a frequency to execute SIP orders. This information will be processed by the system and the admin will be prompted to carry out the investment when your SIP date falls due. These orders are then placed by the admin on behalf of you on the dates chosen by you.  You can choose a frequency of your choice, viz., weekly, 15 days, monthly, quarterly or flexi.

Flexi Plan

You can also opt for a flexi plan under SIP which is a unique scheme offered by tradeplus.  Under this plan, we provide investors with the flexibility and convenience to choose any desired frequency to invest without sticking to the predefined frequencies existing. The Flexi plan allows the investor to choose each SIP installment with a different investment amount and on different dates within a period of 3 months. The order gets placed according to the details provided by the investor giving the investor utmost flexibility with the SIP investment.

Getting started with investment through INFINI MF.

Existing clients

  • Go to “Mutual Fund” menu under the main menu “LOGIN” into our website .  You will be direct to INFINI MF
  • Sign in with your client code. If you don’t remember your password you can sign in by generating OTP
    Fund your account by clicking “Add Funds” at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the scheme you want to invest and press the “Buy” button.
  • Choose SIP option and select the frequency and type the SIP amount you decided to invest.  However, you must make an initial investment at the time of placing SIP order to kick-start your SIP process.
  • Process of your SIP orders
  • Your order will be processed as per the date opted by you.
  • The SIP amount mentioned by you will be debited from your trading account ledger on the SIP date.
    If there is no sufficient balance in your trading account, the system rejects the order. You should ensure that sufficient funds are available in the account for the SIP   to be executed.
  • You can view your placed orders on the Open Orders tab on the dashboard.

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New Clients

  1. Click here to open an Account with Tradeplus to start investing MF.
  2. Or you may just  us at 044-39189458 or email to [email protected]

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