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Daily Market Update MAR 15

Previous Day’s Market Update Sensex closed at 50792.08 down by 487.43 Nifty closed at 15030.95 down by 143.85 For the fortnight ended 15-January, bank credit grew 6.36% and deposits grew by 11.41%. Clearly, the C/D ratio continues to remain unfavorable. If you consider the first 9 months ending Dec-20, the bank credit was up by 3.2% even

Daily Market Update Feb 2

Nirmala Sitharaman presented a brave budget letting the fiscal deficit shoot up nearly 250 bps ahead of market expectations. The FM pegged the fiscal deficit for FY21 at 9.5% and the fiscal deficit for FY22 at 6.8%. In addition, the budget also laid out a long term chart of fiscal deficit tapering to 4.5% by