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Daily Market Highlights AUG 26

Previous Day Market Update  Sensex closed at 55944.21 down  by 14.77 points Nifty closed at 16634.70 up by 10.10 points The NSE has instructed all its members to discontinue sale of digital gold on their platforms by 10-Sep. SEBI had recently informed the exchanges that its members were selling digital gold, which was not in

Daily Market Highlights AUG 24

Previous Day Market Update  Sensex closed at 55555 up by 225 points Nifty closed at 16496 up by 45 points On 23 August, the finance minister announced the National Monetisation Pipeline or NMP where key assets across roads, railways and power sector will be monetized without divesting or giving up ownership. The monetization will be

Daily Market Highlights AUG 20

Previous Day Market Update  Sensex closed at 55629 down by 162 points Nifty closed at 16568 down by 45 points India’s largest oil extractor, ONGC, is looking for partners to enhance production at its oil fields. This is in line with its goal of maximising recovery from its producing fields, especially the marginal fields nominally

Daily Market Highlights AUG 18

Indian government has asked a US federal court to dismiss Cairn Energy’s suit seeking enforcement of the $1.2 billion arbitral award. Cairn had asked the US Federal Court to force Air India to pay the amount. This comes just a week after the Indian government decided to scrap the retrospective tax amendment. One condition for