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Sansera Engineering Ltd

  Sansera Engineering is a 40 year old company specializing in automotive components and in industrial components with focus on high-end precision engineered products. Their areas of product specialization include engine, transmission, suspension, braking, chassis and other auto related systems. A predominant 89% of their revenues come from the automotive sector while the balance 11%

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPO

This brand may not be well known in other parts of India but in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Vijaya Diagnostics is almost a household brand. It is not just the largest diagnostic chain in South India but it is also the fastest growing chain. In terms of product offerings. Vijaya Diagnostics offers

Chemplast Sanmar IPO

Chemplast Sanmar, a specialty chemicals company, used to be a listed company in India before they opted to delist. Chemplast has been around for 36 years and has come into the limelight with the global spotlight shifting to India on the specialty chemicals front. This is more so after the problems that specialty chemical buyers