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Futures vs Options Trading: Which is More Profitable?

Futures and options trading in India are both derivative instruments, meaning their value is derived from an underlying asset or instrument. Futures and options both have advantages and disadvantages. This article will list out the advantages of both the derivative instruments. Advantages of Futures: Productive Investment:  Futures are not the best way to trade stocks,

Rocket New Version Update

  This is Rocket 2.5 with EDIS facility and Derivative Cost Price View! This new version is a result of our continuous effort to introduce features requested most  by our clients. We hope you enjoy using them. Here are the 2 major features made live with Rocket 2.5 version EDIS – Once a  Requirement, Now

Rocket Beta Version

We first thank you for your continuous support extended to us in testing our Rocket beta versions as and when we roll them. Needless to say that your feedbacks are  much valuable to us to not only to fine tune our enhancements but also to keep releasing new features. Here we are, with new enhancements