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Sansera Engineering Ltd

  Sansera Engineering is a 40 year old company specializing in automotive components and in industrial components with focus on high-end precision engineered products. Their areas of product specialization include engine, transmission, suspension, braking, chassis and other auto related systems. A predominant 89% of their revenues come from the automotive sector while the balance 11%

Daily Market Highlights JUL 13

Previous Day Market Nifty Closed At 15,692 Up  By 2 Points Sensex Closed At 52,372 Down By  13 Points CPI inflation for Jun-21 was marginally lower at 6.26%. While core inflation fell from 6.55% to 6.19%, food inflation spiked from 5.01% to 5.15% due to delayed monsoons. Fuel inflation spiked further to 12.68% while transport

Daily Market Update – Dec 17th 2020

The US Treasury Department declared Switzerland and Vietnam as “Currency Manipulators” and put 3 countries including India on the watch list. The watch list normally includes countries that the US suspects are trying to devalue their currencies to promote exports. Trump had pointed that the central banks of Switzerland and Vietnam had heavily intervened in