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Demat account for NRIs

A Demat account, an abbreviation for Dematerialized account, is an electronic depository account that lets you store the shares purchased in the Indian share markets. It is one of the mandatory needs for an investor to trade in the Indian markets, no matter where they are based at. There are two types of Demat accounts:

Acounts to be Opened For an NRI to Invest

NRI Account Opening Procedure The following are the accounts to be opened for an NRI to invest in India. Step 1: Trading account: This account enables one to buy/sell stocks Step 2: Demat account: This is the account where the shares you bought will be credited and shares you sold will be debited. Step 3: PIS Account –

Is PIS Required For NRO Account?

What Is NRO? NRO is otherwise called as Non Resident Ordinary. Is PIS Required For NRO Account? PIS is otherwise known as Portfolio Investment Scheme. No, not now. Till recently, PIS was mandatory for NRE or NRO account it is not required any more as the Government scrapped this. To understand better, lets first understand