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Can NRI invest in Bonds in India?

India is a developing country with a rapidly growing economy that offers numerous opportunities for investment to its citizens. People with NRI status are also eligible to invest in various government-launched schemes that are both beneficial and hassle-free. The Indian debt market, which is one of the largest in Asia, promises consistent returns. Investing in

Can Indians invest in Foreign Stocks?

Is adding foreign funds to portfolio beneficial? Do you want to invest in global stocks such as Amazon or Facebook and share in the robust growth of these companies? Then the best way is to invest in foreign funds offered by Indian mutual fund houses. Foreign funds invests in firms in other countries other than

Can a Foreigner invest in Indian Stock market, if so, is it easy and worthy?

SEBI recently permitted Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) to invest in India without too many regulatory restrictions. The RBI has further allowed QFIs to invest up to $ 1 billion in the corporate bond market and debt schemes of mutual funds without any lock-in period. Earlier only FIIs, their sub-accounts, and NRIs were allowed to directly