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Can a Foreigner invest in Indian Stock market, if so, is it easy and worthy?

SEBI recently permitted Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) to invest in India without too many regulatory restrictions. The RBI has further allowed QFIs to invest up to $ 1 billion in the corporate bond market and debt schemes of mutual funds without any lock-in period. Earlier only FIIs, their sub-accounts, and NRIs were allowed to directly

Can NRIs residing in US invest in mutual funds in India?

At the outset, one needs to be clear that there is no difference between NRIs from US/Canada investing in India and for NRIs from other countries investing in India. The only difference is the fairly elaborate compliance requirements under FATCA or Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Fund houses stopped taking investments from the USA and

Acounts to be Opened For an NRI to Invest

NRI Account Opening Procedure The following are the accounts to be opened for an NRI to invest in India. Step 1: Trading account: This account enables one to buy/sell stocks Step 2: Demat account: This is the account where the shares you bought will be credited and shares you sold will be debited. Step 3: PIS Account –