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Daily Market Update MAR 30

Previous Market Closed  Nifty Closed at 14507.30 up by 182.4 points Sensex Closed at 49,008.50 down by 568.38 points Last year, zero-coupon bonds or deep discount bonds was a favourite instrument of the Indian government to recapitalize the banks, as it did not create immediate liability. However, after the concerns expressed by the RBI, the government may choose to

Daily Market Update Feb 2

Nirmala Sitharaman presented a brave budget letting the fiscal deficit shoot up nearly 250 bps ahead of market expectations. The FM pegged the fiscal deficit for FY21 at 9.5% and the fiscal deficit for FY22 at 6.8%. In addition, the budget also laid out a long term chart of fiscal deficit tapering to 4.5% by