Updates in Rocket Web Version

Tradeplus is happy to announce the latest enhancements as part of our Rocket Trading Platform.

We are glad to list each of them for you. These features are introduced to help you make informed decision while trading.

1. Socket connection and Profile icon

This feature will help the user to identify if there is any error with the exchange and network connection.
The color represents the following scenarios:
Green – Strong network connection
Orange – low connectivity
Red – No connectivity

2. Executed Orders

Trades and Position Tab is merged under one tab and named as Executed orders.

This tab also shows the Current price, Invested Price , Profit or Loss and the Buy/ Sell quantity

The Trade summary is sorted in 3 levels

3. Index Chart

You can now able to view the Indices chart in our Rocket web

4. Order Tab to be now called as Pending orders

Order tab is renamed as pending order. It generally shows the unexecuted trades or pending trades

5. PTR ( Prevailing Trailing Risk Alert is enabled)

This feature enables the user to notify if the order price is away from LTP and confirms for the particular order.

6. UI change in Buy/Sell Order

We have made UI changes to the Buy / Sell order tab which in-turn provides a better view experience to the user as it also shows the complete details of a particular stock.

7. Statements and Reports

Back-office Icon is changed and renamed as Statements and reports

8. Product Type

MIS/ CNC has been renamed into Intra/ Delivery
Intra denotes the Buy/ sell of a particular stock done on the same day
Delivery means to Buy today and sell it in future and the settlement will be on T+2 basis

9. Themes and Layout

Check out the themes right here.

10. Margin Required

You can check out the margin required for every trade. Online margin feature enables the user to check exact margin required to purchase a specific stock

11. Holdings

This feature enables the user to check the invested value, current value and P/L of their DP stocks.

These Enhancements are made specifically to address the common requirements and also to provide more than what was asked.

With sincere hope and hard work, these enhancements are brought to you to not only make your trading experience more pleasant but also to make it more informed. We hope you enjoy them.

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