Infini Power updation March 2019 Updates to INFINI POWER


Have you checked the latest updates in INFINI POWER? We have many exciting and useful features enabled in market watch and in charts as well. Come lets, probe into each of them!

Fibonacci Expansion
Fibonacci Expansion tool is introduced in this update. This charting tool can be used to predict the direction of future waves in a trend.

Fibonacci Expansion Updates to INFINI POWER

Save chart indicators
Are you tired of applying indicators on the charts you track?. Now we have enabled the option of saving of chart indicators applied to one chart, so that it is applied to all the charts you track. You can turn off the option in case you do not need it. You have to right click on the chart, go to the menu file and on/off auto default template as per your need.

Saving of chart indicators Updates to INFINI POWER

Right click menu in the chart
The right click menus you enjoyed in watch list can now be accessed while you are reading a chart. You need not come out of the chart to view the same and carry on the activity.

Right click options Updates to INFINI POWER

Pause option introduced in T&S filter
In case you want to analyze the prices in T&S filter option, you can pause the up dation of prices by bringing down the cursor. And the price resumes to update once you move the cursor to the top.

TS Filter pause Updates to INFINI POWER

Open High and Open Low for watch list
Now you can filter for the stocks based on well known trading strategy Open-High and Open-Low for the watch list you have created.

Open vs high low Updates to INFINI POWER

Previous open, high and low
For the traders who study previous open, high and low to take trading decisions, we have introduced the feature to view it in their watch list itself.

Prev open high low Updates to INFINI POWER

Adjust split space in Order book window
The space split between pending orders and completed/cancelled/rejected orders in order book can now be adjusted as per your requirement.

Adjust split space in order book Updates to INFINI POWER

Filtering orders
Facility to filter orders in the order book is enabled. This facility makes it convenient to traders to view their orders according to their action.

Filtering cancelled orders Updates to INFINI POWER

Beep sound on order execution
To alert you on the execution of the order, now you will hear a beep sound once the order is executed.

This is not the end. Keep looking for lots more!

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Happy Trading

ITS Team


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