Updates To Infini Power

Infini Power Update Banner Aug 2019 Updates To Infini Power

Dear Infini Power Users,

This month we have focused on your comfort and simplified Infini Power further to provide more convenience for you. And we have also fixed some bugs. Here is the overview of what we have done!

Highligting the MTM values
For clear and instant visibility, MTM values in Net position will be shown in Green if +ve and red if -ve.

Net position green and red Updates To Infini Power

MBP window size
For the comfort of your vision, we have reduced the MBP window size by re-arranging the values.

MBP size Updates To Infini Power

Confirmation window
One more for your comfort is the “Confirmation window” that is made non-intrusive by placing it at bottom right of the screen.

Confirmation window Updates To Infini Power

Bug fixes
Other minor bug fixes carried out and enabled compulsory re-installation of Exe in case of very old versions.

Check out the updates in Infini Web and in Tradeplus Mobile APP.

If you have not subscribed to INFINI POWER contact 044-39189483 or email to [email protected]


Happy Trading
ITS Team


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