Want to Buy One Stock a Month – Choose the Best Stock

Want%20to%20Buy%20One%20Stock%20a%20Month%20Choose%20the%20Best%20Stock Want to Buy One Stock a Month – Choose the Best Stock


Stock of the month – CIO Pick

a 4 Want to Buy One Stock a Month – Choose the Best Stock

Why 1 stock every month may be a great strategy to build a solid long term portfolio?

1. Chosen from Top 1%- Mojo Stocks list
We have delivered 100% success on our Top 1% Stocks. At any given time we only have 25-30 stocks which we choose out of all listed stocks. But we know you can’t invest in all these stocks. So we choose 1 stock every month so that you can build a solid portfolio of 10-12 stocks in a year.

2. Investment Committee Test
All Mojo Stocks go through the Marketsmojo’s Investment Committee review and stock which may look the best in terms of future business prospect in the current market scenario is finally chosen. This may not be the highest rated Mojo Stock as we also take human decision of what looks the best for the future. Most of the time this would be a large cap or a mid cap stock as its buy call has less chances of changing frequently.

3. SIP every month may be a great idea
Systematically investing in 1 great stock may be a great idea if you are creating a solid long term portfolio of stocks. This section does exactly the same. We also update you when to get out of the stock as and when it doesn’t look any longer attractive.

4. 24/7 monitoring of your stock
It’s our job then to monitor this stock and advise you when to get out. All you have to do is store this stock in the portfolio section so we know when you bought this stock and in what quantity

This comes at a Special discounted rate to you as you are our Client, which is not available to regular users. To see your investments grow over long term is our ONLY single objective.

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What all can you do with Stock of the Month?

1. Invest in this stock systematically as an SIP or do bullet investment in all stocks with whatever money you want to invest in that month
2. Remember to save this to your portfolio on Marketsmojo as only then will we know that you have bought and what quantity so we will be able to give switch advise as and when needed
3. You can also save these stocks to watchlist to monitor them more closely
4. You will also get a detailed research report with our rationale for the buy and sell on these stocks
5. We will update you when the stock comes out of this list so you can then take switch decision from the stock you invested in to the next Stock

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Thank you Marketsmojo for getting the mutual fund SIP concept for stocks. I can now decide and invest every month in 1 strongest stock. Thank you very much – Ravi Chopra

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How to Avail this Service?

Markets Mojo is currently integrated in ITS Trading Platform only. It will be integrated in Rocket as well in one month’s time.

Simply log in to your ITS (Infini Trading Platform) and select any stock on which you would like to get the details. Hover your mouse on the stock and click on to the three dotted option and select Fundamental / Technical / News as seen in the below given image

1 5 Want to Buy One Stock a Month – Choose the Best Stock

A widget will open as seen in the above image. Any option that you select except Buy, Sell and Close will take you to Markets Mojo page from where you may choose the option you would like to.

To navigate from Infini Mobile App, click on any stock and a new widget will open up. You will see the same options, Fundamental / Technical / News at the bottom of the screen. Follow the same steps as explained above.

Remember, to you as our Valued Customer, there are special discounts available on all products. To ensure that you get these discounts, you will have to necessarily navigate to Markets Mojo from ITS, the Trading Software or from the links that we provide in our emails.

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If you are not a ITS user , contact 044 39189483 or email [email protected]

Start a Happy Investing Journey NOW!

infini Want to Buy One Stock a Month – Choose the Best Stockm Want to Buy One Stock a Month – Choose the Best Stock

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