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Dear Investors,

The COVID-19 fear has led markets, businesses and the entire world in its grip. Markets have taken a tumble due to the unprecedented nature of the problem and uncertainty.

Given the circumstances we thought this an appropriate time to reach out to you and update you on some of the steps we are taking to address your concerns. These are testing times for everyone. Business and governments across the world are coming together in their attempt to fight the spread of this virus. At Tradeplus, we remain committed to seamless business operations with the highest service quality without disruptions.

In such circumstances, Capital Markets, especially Equity Markets have also been impacted negatively in a big way. History of equity markets tell us that in such times, investors have to control their nerves and behave in a very calm manner. Any hasty decision at such time can convert notional losses, if any, into permanent losses. So we urge our investors to take a rational call on their investments.

Over the years, we have leveraged technology to build robust digital assets which enable you to continue engaging with us and manage your investments wherever you are. All our digital assets are cloud based systems be it our trading platforms, our customer service systems, our back office systems , our website etc. Since none of these systems are located in our office, we are capable of serving you wherever you are and wherever we are.

We are geared up to ensure complete business continuity even if our teams and employees have to work from their homes. Our entire team is fully equipped and trained to handle any situation and to ensure that is business as usual.

We wish you safety and good health. Right now it is of utmost importance to take preventive self-care measures and make your health a priority. You can learn more about safety and precautionary measures on the World Health Organization website www.who.int .

Thank you for your continued trust in us.


Team @ Tradeplus

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