Year-End Process – 2020-2021

End Of Financial Year 2021 Year End Process   2020 2021

It’s one full financial year that we have completed and this time, it is a lot different. With COVID gripping the entire world and as we continue to fight against it, this year’s completion is unique and special that proves that, together, we can successfully overcome tough times.

The year-end process involves the creation of a new Accounting Year in the Back Office and Carrying forward ledger balances to the new year. As this process kicks off today evening, the access to the Back office and its reports could be inconsistent from 10 PM on 31/3/2021 to 12 PM on 1/4/2021. Further to this, we request our clients to take the  following precautionary steps:

  • Make your payins in advance  towards margin shortfall or fresh margins for 1/4/2021  before 10 PM on 31/3/21
  • Place your Payout requests, if any before 10 PM on 31/3/21
  • Download your Ledger statements, contract notes, P&L statements for the year before 6 AM on 1/4/2021

The system will resume the normal process post the year-end updates on 01/04/2021. During this time, if you need any assistance, we are always available to assist you. Hence, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Happy Trading.

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