Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

We have been constantly working on enhancements to better our Rocket Mobile App. In this journey we have introduced few Smart options in the first phase. Read, Explore and Enjoy your Trading Experience.

The All New QR Scan Facility

You would have scanned the QR code while buying a product or while using web whatsapp. Have you ever used it in a Trading Platform? Tradeplus unveils it first to gain easy access of the Trading Platform.

How long has it been since you went for shopping in malls? It should definitely be a while ago! COVID-19 had forced a drastic change in our life style, isn’t it? On those days, we used to scan QR Code in our phone to make payment for purchases. Thanks to easy access of technology, this facility to scan codes is now available in our corner tea shops also.

Have you ever used the same technology to access your trading app? If not yet, here is the first of its kind opportunity. You may now easily transfer your trading session from your Rocket web trading to Rocket Mobile App Trading without logging out of web and logging into the Mobile app.

Steps to Scan and Transfer session

  1. Click on QR Code option from the right top of the screen as seen in the image below

1 Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

  1. Open Rocket app in your mobile and select QR Login option
  2. Scan the QR Code that appears on the system screen
  3. This will transfer the session from your laptop or desktop to your Mobile seamlessly

Heat Map and Card View

Have you ever viewed your Market Watch as seen below? Try now            screenshot 20200921 170359 Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

This is the next Generation view of Market Watch. Just select the ‘View’ option which is highlighted in the image and select Heat map view or Card View. You get the screen as here. This way you may easily know which stocks are gaining and which stocks are loosing and how strongly have they gained or lost. After all Pictures are better read than words!

A click on any of the stocks will open the stock summary view from where you may Buy / Sell, View Charts, Depth etc.,

This is how Heat Map/ Card View can be set in Market Watch

Heat Map Card View Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

Price Ladder

Traders who are specific about Speed and Price of order execution, here is the Price Ladder function placed in front of you in a platter. We do understand the importance of this function especially for those who are full time professional traders and hence, have introduced this for your benefit. This is widely used in highly developed international markets by scalpers and professional day traders. Want to know who are scalpers? Read the section SPECTRUM OF TRADING TECHNIQUES – FROM SECONDS TO YEAR from our UNIV. We hereby bring this to our customers as well.

Long Press and hold any stock to view the Price Ladder. Select the Ladder symbol and that will open a pop up as seen below

4 1 Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

Read our blog on how Price Ladders are used to trade professionally. Let’s now see the steps to use it in Rocket to place orders.


  1. Long press on any stock from the List view. Remember, Price ladder will not open from Heat Map View or Card View
  2. To buy the stock at a particular price click on the green space given against the price at which you want to buy. It will open a buy order form to place order
  3. Similarly to sell click on the red box against the price at which you would like to sell. It will open a sell order form to place order

Watch to feel how it works

Price Ladder Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

Easy way to call or write to our support desk

Don’t type the number or select from your contact book to dial our client service. Neither open your mail box and key in our support desk email id to write to them. Just go to Account icon at the bottom of your Rocket App screen and click Contact Us. Here you go… Choose to dial our Service Desk or Centralized Dealing Desk as you need. Similarly Click ‘Write to Us’ option and type your message. Here you would find an interesting option. Sometimes, you would get an idea of bettering the App but may not write to us as by the time you open your mail box and write other priorities might have occupied your time. Now type them as and when you get the thought. Just Write us from the Contact Us option and categorizing them as App Suggestion. Similarly you have options to self categorize your emails from the drop down sign that is provided below your email id. Just select, type and click Submit once done.

Your mail is instantaneously sent that too with the category that you have chosen. After all, we learn from your feedbacks and you are the engineers of our platform!

Untitled 1 140x300 Your Rocket Mobile App is more Smarter Now!

Watch for more

We are working on other interesting updates and keep watching!

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