Secure your investment with Government-Securities
Better returns than fixed income products,guaranteed by the Govt. of India
Invest now
Risk free investment
Though bank FD's, debt funds etc are fixed income Product they also carry a credit risk, Unlike G-Secs which are guaranteed by Govt. of India
Attractive Returns
With greater tenure comes greater returns, yes the lock-in periods for G-Secs range from 91 days to 40 years
No Tax Deduction Source
Worried about Tax deduction at the source with G-Secs pay taxes as per your income tax slab at end of the financial year.

G-Secs yields vs bank Fixed deposits (FDs)

*Yields are annualised. Interest rates used in above table are offered by a known public sector bank.

Bonds and T-Bills

G-Secs with maturity less than 1 year are called T-Bills (Treasury bills) and those greater than 1 year are called Bonds.

How to exit?

You can sell G-Secs directly on exchange just like any other stock once they are listed. Exchanges are planning to list these securities.

How to invest?

You can apply if you hold an Account with Tradeplus. The funds will be deducted from your Trading Account. Bids for T-Bills are collected from Monday to Tuesday while for Bonds it is from Tuesday to Thursday. You can also invest through your mobile phone, click here to know.

Current Issues

Sr No Bond Name Issue Start - Issue End Price
1 6.65% GS 2020 18/Dec/18 - 20/Dec/18 10000 Invest now
2 7.95% GS 2032 18/Dec/18 - 20/Dec/18 10000 Invest now
3 7.40% GS 2035 18/Dec/18 - 20/Dec/18 10000 Invest now
4 8.24% GS 2027 18/Dec/18 - 20/Dec/18 10000 Invest now
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