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Markets Crack   Is it temporary, or is there a deeper market issue?   The Nifty and the Sensex lost close to 3.5% during the week. The real matter of worry was that on each of these days the..

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Implications of the GST Bill on specific sectors…

Posted on 11-Aug-2016Comments  3

The monsoon session of parliament saw the successful passage of the GST (Constitutional Amendment) Bill in the Rajya Sabha and also in the Lok Sabha. While the bill had already been passed in the Lok ...

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BIG NEWS – JUN 23TH 2017

Posted on 26-Jun-2017Comments  0

Operation NPAs   Will the most ambitious attempt be actually successful?   The RBI has embarked upon one of the most aggressive phases of NPA management. It has actually attacked the NPA pro...

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How will Goods and Services Tax (GST) work in practice…

Posted on 12-Jul-2017Comments  0

With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) officially implemented from 01st July, one of the longest pending fiscal reforms has taken off. The enduring pictures on television may be the massive strike...

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What you actually need to know about GST…

Posted on 20-May-2017Comments  0

What you actually need to know about GST… With the GST rates for most of the goods and services being announced by the GST Council, the government may be on track for its July 01st launch. While ...

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Is weekly expiry of Bank Nifty..


I think liquidity is the key factor and as far as current history goes volumes in these options basically higher on the expiry day..

Is weekly expiry of Bank Nifty..



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